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Subject:  Re: Disability: How the unemployed survive Date:  3/24/2013  11:44 AM
Author:  PosFCF Number:  418743 of 535005

I find it quite odd that we can easily find, research, and wax eloquently on how the poor abuse the system and live on the backs of the taxes of the rest. The reason I find it odd, is that we don't seem to apply the same energy, outrage, and eloquence to the rich who are also feeding off the labors of the many, and doing so through government programs.

Yet the money thrown at corporate welfare and tax loopholes dwarfs the amounts spent on the most egregiously abused programs for the poor.

Offshore accounts to pay less taxes; multi-trillion offshore profits; short-term gains taxed at long term cap gains rates; oil, corn and sugar subsidies; banking bailouts, etc., etc. Yet our outrage is spent on the sad case of an obese grandmother, an unemployed parent, and a multiply pregnant young woman whose father-of-her-child is in jail. Is this story sad because of the human tragedy or because of the money spent to support those people?

I would suggest that if corporations are people, then their sucking at the teat now needs to be chronicled with as much eloquence.

But then, what else would one expect from a redneck in Florida?

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