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Subject:  Yahoo article - Student loans Date:  3/24/2013  12:50 PM
Author:  vkg Number:  872724 of 902790

Diana Jackson had no student debt when she got her Bachelor's degree from Miami University in Ohio in 1982. But when her daughter graduated from the school in 2011, Ms. Jackson was stuck with about $33,000 in parent loans.

The 51-year-old now faces a monthly payment of nearly $800.

I don't understand why there was no plan on the daughter assisting with the loans for her education. Diana wasn't "stuck" with $33,000 in loans out of the blue. She applied for the loans, and didn't consider that how the loans would be paid.

It is possible that the daughter doesn't yet have the income to cover her and her parents loans, but in a few years that should change.

Also, The numbers don't add up. She is claiming she will be in her mid 70s before the loan is paid off. That would 20+ years to pay off $33,000. $800 a month for 20 years is $192,000. The interest rate would need to be 30% for these number to work.

If the numbers are correct, she needs to get a part time job or refinance this loan. An extra $100 to $200 a month significantly reduces the duration and interest. An $800 a month payment at 15% would pay off the loan in 4 years.
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