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Subject:  Re: Yahoo article - Student loans Date:  3/24/2013  1:32 PM
Author:  tconi Number:  872730 of 902483

the parent/child dynamic in that article makes me angry.*

OK, maybe the daughter has no student loan debt because she did not qualify for needbased loans, so the parents had to take them out.
but WHY is there the assumption (by the mother) that the daughter does not have to contribute AT ALL to the pay off? nothing?

the boy just graduated.
HE has a little under $10k in loans.
If he needs an occasional assist with payment, I will help him, but his education, his loans.

peace & taking responsibiity

obligatory anecdote

*It makes me angry because the boy's older brother, T (the X's older son, please keep up) went to a one year program, 10 yrs ago, that was @ $40k.
The X took out the loan with the understanding that the X and his ex would split payments until T got a job at which time T would take over the payments.
X-ex paid half of two payments.
T never paid one, every time his income went up- suddenly there was a truck with a $450/month payment, or a house project, or a baby...or whatever. and the X paid it ALL - even though I was out of the relationship when all this occurred, it still makes me angry.
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