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Subject:  Re: Macroeconomics? Schmacroeconomics! Date:  3/24/2013  5:47 PM
Author:  Woolybooger1 Number:  418779 of 535344


Sorry, just had to address you that way....... :)

Macro? Micro? Some combination therin? Me thinks so.....

While I really was not a fan of Janice Joplin or Kris Kristofferson, I more so did not really agree that "Freedom was just another word, for nothing left to lose". I just didn't think that felt right. If freedom was the very last vestige of reason for doing something I really didn't like that. Maybe it was the clothes.............. still, it didn't sit that well in my stomach, and no matter how many times it was played I never really liked that song.......

Rather I felt "Freedom" was that little inner voice that gave me permission to sit quietly and ignore someone's ignorance, or stand up and challenge the very foundation of a premise that was being rammed down my throat. Seems lately we have had a lot of "rammin'" lately.

My dismay comes from the fact that we no longer seem to have the David Farraguts shouting "Damn the Torpeedos, Full speed ahead" or the Nathan Hales to proclaim, "I have but one life to give/lose for my country".

Instead we have The Westboro baptist Church making everyone short of Adolf Hitler himself barf at their actions. Or maybe Jesse Jackson proclaiming some moral reason for something that no one really gives a $h!t about while his son slinks off to prison. Or perhaps we get to listen to Rush Limbaugh pontificate about some stupid idea that came to him while he was crushing Vicodin tablets to mix with his Jack and Diet.

We need the children of our Country to read and learn from those who had values that made our country strong. Integrety. Honor. Dependability in good and bad times. A Moral conscience that was unfailing even to point of person harm or sacrifice. Not TV ratings, soundbites and political clout that were merely self-serving attempts for 15 minutes of fame.

Wooly..................... who needs another vacation from the "fantasy world" we see and hear about every day. Got Cyprus?.............. If not it is coming to a country near you soon. Be on the lookout in your neighborhood.
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