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Subject:  Re: Disability: How the unemployed survive Date:  3/25/2013  12:44 AM
Author:  PolymerMom Number:  48549 of 116427

Actually, I think that's a fine example of the kind of terrible posts that now make METAR such a tedious board.

I'm really quite concerned with the tone of these posts. I always thought Liberals tried to see other points of view - even if they didn't agree.

There's a definite demonizing aspect that is becoming more evident on this board. The clique that has overwhelmed METAR tends to have very high opinions of themselves. Yeah, I agree w/ your viewpoints, but can a poster co-exist with other board communities unless one conforms to certain criteria? Some interests aren't totally black and white - including get the opposing team's viewpoint? (Well, maybe long-term Macro-Economics isn't a primary focus on METAR any more...)

What have people here done to counter the memes that prevail on METAR, or other boards? Are you going to sit back and say, "Ain't it awful?"

I've posted some facts and Keynesian views on METAR, admittedly not heavily rec'd<g>. Seems to indicate a takeover by forcing opposing views into withdrawal from the playing field.

As a part of the Fool Community, or the country as a whole, do we abandon those boards whose posters post "talking points" of one persuasion or another? That seems a sure-fire way to insure more "terrible posts" that we don't agree with, that take over more and more boards/news reporting sources.

Is this how the liberal's (& country's) ideals end? We'll draw into our own camps and self-reinforce ourselves?

We're as bad as the "other guys" if this happens. We've abandoned any conversations/discussions with anyone who isn't of a like mind. But then, that's what posters everywhere seem to be doing.

Alternatively, the "other guys" have defined the ground rules and we follow them, rather than challenging them/setting a different direction.

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