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Subject:  Re: Selling: more of a rant than anything Date:  3/25/2013  12:47 AM
Author:  VTAlumni Number:  124997 of 128885

Just as a follow-up after the weekend. We had four offers come in tonight. Two had escalation clauses. Talking to our Realtor in the morning, but if I'm reading them correctly, both gave asking price ($435,000) with escalation on one to $440,000 (increments of $1,000) above asking and the other to $20,000 (increments of $500) above asking. Wording is kind of hard to make sense of, but it sounds like the escalation kicks in based on other escalations too, so I'm guessing we're looking at $440,500 from the higher one?

Contingent upon appraisal.

I am shocked to see they were willing to go up to $455,000. In a situation like this do you just go with the $440,500... or do we go back to the other three to ask for their best? What is the correct approach there. I'm sure my Realtor will have advice there in the morning when we talk.

I'm guessing the appraisal might become a problem above $450,000... also $440K is the high end of what we were hoping for. Hoping for a happy ending to all of this stress.

(they all have inspection contingencies... for some reason that makes me feel better, not worse haha - like they are all actually serious about this)
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