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Subject:  Re: 7702 Private Plans (indexed universal life) Date:  3/27/2013  12:00 PM
Author:  Dwdonhoff Number:  71507 of 87979

Hi Hawkwin,

So if you don't like the Paclife solution, what company or product do you think is better?

Well, I've found the first step in not being dangerous is not trying to know the best solution for *every* problem... but picking specific problem sets and focusing on the best solves.

I focus on the feature solves as I just listed. You may note that I put 'death benefit' as a moderate pro... and that's a *low* moderate pro (if a concern at all) for the vast majority of my clients. I also put zero weight to all the various features potentially available as riders, like critial care, etc.

My critical focus boils down to;
Best real growth (index blend options, and real cap spreads minus real internal costs,)
Best distribution (lowest loan costs, lowest/zero rate risks, ability to easily switch variable vs fixed rate loans collateralized by the indexed growth account,)
Best design flexibility (shortest surrender lengths, shortest max-pay periods.)

At present, the IUL market is at the elbow of a hockey-stick explosion. All of us (meaning 'us' in the unwashed general public) are about to be awash in media pieces about IULs, and insurance companies (many who have never been in the growth-focued game before) are rushing new products to market... we'll probably see 12-20 new carriers launching IULs this year.

That said, *at present* the best offers I know off are from;
Penn Mutual
North American
Minnesota Life* (*the only IUL I would consider that offers no fixed loan tied to the growth account... because of an outperforming index blend they offer that other 'variable loan' carriers do not. I pretty much only go with this for New York** cases, if it performs in projections better than Penn or North American.)
(** New York is functionally a seperate country as far as insurance goes, and many companies either offer dramatically less robust plans there, or just don't bother at all.)

Dave Donhoff
Leverage Planner
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