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Subject:  Re: FDIC, small savers & Cyprus Date:  3/27/2013  12:15 PM
Author:  EddieLuck Number:  419029 of 535215

<<But Treasury and the SEC aren't just "easy" on Wall Street, they're totally complicit in abetting fraud and massive theft. It's as if the drug cartels were able to stuff DOJ and DEA with their own hand-picked lawyers and cops.>>

They obviously are able to do so. Remember when the media caught the feds supplying the drug cartels with large numbers of automatic weapons, and the feds defended themselves by saying it was some sort of (totally unbelievable) scheme called "Fast and Furious" which was set up "to find out where the guns went" without actually tracking them somehow?

The obvious true explanation is that the feds were just supplying hard-to-get modern guns to their associates in the cartels in exchange for money, and the weird official explanation was just made up.

I blame government brainwashing/education for the ridiculous degree of naive trust in government that currently exists in the Land of the Free, a nation conceived in total distrust of government and equipped with a Constitution that is specifically designed to protect us from our government by limiting their activities to a bare minimum in order to minimize the damage they can do.

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