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Subject:  Re: Recovering the 401k Date:  3/28/2013  6:13 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  71547 of 87994

Time frame is "What it takes" - So, I want to tolerably recover to that point, whether it takes 6 months or 6 years is not relevant (perhaps I would prefer not to take more than 6 years). I just want to get on the right path.

Rebuild is a loose term. Instead of throwing that 10 back into a 401k, I think that the stock market is the best place to reinvest it, then throw something back into the 401k

Portfolio - how to diversify on a $10k amount, whats the best diversification ratio? 10 stocks at $1k each? 5 at 2? 4 at 2.5? 2 at 5? I dont know!

This question has nothing to do with retirement investing and everything to do with investing in general. This is the completely wrong board for that kind of question.

Where should you go? Go to the Mechanical Investing board , go back a year or two, and read everything. Although, don't be like the newbie that wanders into a poker game and asks if 2 pair is better than 3 of a kind. That's an advanced board, you can learn a lot, but don't ask simplistic questions.

There have been others who asked similare questions, and experienced people have posted lists of links. Read tham all.

My first thought on reading your original post was "kiss your money good-bye, because with that attitude/approach you're going to quickly lose it all." A beginner who wants to make a lot of money fast is going to take on massive risks that he's not aware of and lose it all. He'll believe every good story about strategies that he reads on the internet and fall for them -- and lose his money.

And as a general hint, if you can't write down a proposed investing strategy on a 3x5 card and if you can't explain it to your mother/wife/girlfriend -- it's too complicated, probably wrong, and you'll lose money.
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