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Subject:  Re: Recovering the 401k Date:  3/29/2013  1:01 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  71552 of 88528

Time frame is "What it takes" - So, I want to tolerably recover to that point, whether it takes 6 months or 6 years is not relevant (perhaps I would prefer not to take more than 6 years). I just want to get on the right path.

so retirement isn't looming? you've lots of time for your plan to work out?
then, as Ray(?) says, it's not a retirement question, it's an investing question.

but i don't know of any generalized-investing board .... Mechanical is a good start, but unless it's changed, i would recommend it as be-all.

Rebuild is a loose term. Instead of throwing that 10 back into a 401k, I think that the stock market is the best place to reinvest it, then throw something back into the 401k

sort of rule of thumb around here:
401k great if there's employer match
good for the deferred taxes,
but can be bad because of the investment choices....
i liked mine because it Forced me to save.

so a Roth might be a good idea, but there's limits on how much you can contribute every year. (a tax question?)

Portfolio - how to diversify on a $10k amount, whats the best diversification ratio? 10 stocks at $1k each? 5 at 2? 4 at 2.5? 2 at 5? I dont know!

another rule of thumb (<g>) : few enough that you can keep track, but not so few that one of them puking will kill you.
MY rule -- make sure you can sleep well, whatever your decision ...

fwiw, i started with two or three (1996), and now have a bunch ,trying to keep each around 20k (and nearly all are things i don't have to watch closely)
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