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Subject:  Re: 7702 Private Plans (indexed universal life) Date:  3/30/2013  7:08 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  71584 of 78165

Okay, annual 0% floor, 12% cap.
Index is S&P500 including constant dividend yield of 2.75%, Jan 1975 thru Dec 2012.
One time initial deposit of $10,000. (Doesn't matter, just scale up to whatever you want.)

Annual fees are fixed at 1%. I'm not sure how to apply the fee, though. Google didn't come up with anything the explained the details.

Is it subtracted from the return? That would mean the true floor is -1% and the true cap is 11%.
So if the prior account value was $1,000 and the index gained 10%, the new value would be $1,000 at a gain of 9% = $1090

Or do you subtract the fee from the previous account value and then apply the credit?
That would be $1000 - 1% = $990 and then a gain of 10% to get $1089.
It's only a small difference, but might as well be as accurate as possible.

I can't really do a stepped fee, where the fee is X% for some number of years and then Y% thereafter. What