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Subject:  =8~0 Date:  4/3/2013  8:07 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  48742 of 113162

I'm beginning to wonder if DH's language processing problems might be more than that. Here's the story...

First, you need to know that DH makes breakfast and that I have never used the monstrous Italian espresso maker & foamer that I got for him one Christmas about 7 years ago, in response to our missing the awesome coffees of France and Italy.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I told DH that I would like him to change the ratio he's using of almond milk to half & half when he makes the foam for my latte (less half & half) (note that I can't drink milk--pretty severely lactose intolerant these days). I'm not sure he understood, but except for unwanted calories, not such a big deal right?

Yesterday I decided, and told him, that I wanted less foam altogether in my morning latte--brilliant solution, right? I explained carefully, as I sometimes have to do now as incoming language seems to be a problem for him sometimes as well as outgoing, that I wanted less almond milk & half & half in the container when he makes the foam to result in less foam. What I got was the same amount of almond milk and 1/2 & 1/2, but most of it wasn't made into foam. Like there's some tic that prevents him from putting less milk-equivalents into the container in which he makes foam. Being hopeful, I tried explaining again exactly what I wanted this morning in more detail, going through his process step by step. He did not understand. No matter how I tried, he did not understand. Although he says it is I who does not understand, and that nobody could understand what I'm saying.

I burst into a combination of laughing and crying. Laughing because it was just like a comedy routine (except I suppose for our rising frustration). Crying because I worry that this communication difficulty is the tip of the iceberg. And you know, this could be like a sci-fi story, where actually I'm the one who's crazy (let's face it--it was I who became semi-hysterical.... I think tomorrow I should be in the kitchen with him when he makes coffee and see where the process can be changed, coz obviously there's something amiss with suggesting using less almond milk, etc.

Note to self: call doctor this morning. Request a referral for an audiologist (hearing test) and try to get his neuro-psych appointment sooner than 3 months from now.

=alstro, drying her tears with a half smile on my face coz I can hear the noisy foamer now...and really my being a fuss-pot about my coffee is stupid...I'll just put the extra unwanted foam in an empty bowl or sumpin'...

PS--Just got my coffee. No foam, just a little almond milk & 1/2 & 1/2. And the ratio is the same as I used to get before I asked him to use relatively less 1/2 & 1/2. sigh.
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