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Subject:  Re: Here We Go Again Date:  4/3/2013  3:24 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  48755 of 73798

The Obama administration is engaged in a broad push to make more home loans available to people with weaker credit, an effort that officials say will help power the economic recovery but that skeptics say could open the door to the risky lending that caused the housing crash in the first place.

The problem is that our financial system is broken. We have lost the balance between working class opportunities, and opportunities for the ultra-wealthy, so working class people are not advancing and poor people are actually losing ground while the plutocrats are doing really, really well.

Republicans say the answer is to give away even more benefits and opportunities to the ultra-wealthy and cut even more opportunities and benefits to the working class. As clearly idiotic as that plan is, the Republicans managed under Bush-Cheney to move us dramatically in that direction. Even now, they have managed to filibuster, threaten to force the country into default, sequester, and generally throw hissy fits to avoid much movement in a different direction.

But the Obama administration has not been effective at addressing most of the underlying problems either. The bank bailout was clearly a massive shift of wealth