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Subject:  Re: Here We Go Again Date:  4/4/2013  2:43 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  48775 of 116911

Unfortunately that is unlikely to occur.

Well . . . at least not likely until the nation purges enough teabagger morons from Congress to allow us to actually start dealing with problems.

So much nonsense posted in a single post:

Technology is going to eliminate jobs. WOW. I'll bet nobody has ever predicted that during the past 100 years or so. But, of course, it's different this time.

Demand for skilled workers is going to decrease. Really??? Careful analysis of world developments and insightful thought by visionaries leads us to the conclusion that - unlike any other time in the history of mankind - we will need fewer skills in the future than we need today. Yep. These authors have thought long and hard about the future and figured out that what this nation needs to be competitive in the future is more stupid people, more people with limited understanding of how the world works. Excuse me if I find their analysis . . . well . . . simply too stupid to even consider seriously.

Education bubble: This was created by brain-dead application of teabagger philosophy. When we stopped investing in education in favor of spending trillions of dollars on wars and tax breaks for the wealthy, then we made education to expensive to individuals to be practical. The nation suffers. Sure, if we stay on this course we'll simply sink into 3rd world status where our labor force is desperate and exploited by corporations that will seek knowledge workers elsewhere - from countries that have actually made an investment in education.

But this is my favorite bit of nonsense: Wolf said the CBO projects that by 2025, every penny of the federal budget will go to interest on the debt as well as spending on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

This isn't just stupid, it's meaningless. Let's make this statement accurate enough to give it meaning: "If Republicans continue to block all progress in government so that no policy or tax regulations are modified for the next 12 years . . . except that for some inexplicable reason Congress will allow defense spending to be cut to zero . . . Oh . . . and we also need to assume that there will be no further growth in the economy during this period . . . Well . . . if all those things happen, then every penny of the federal budget will go to interest on the debt as well as spending on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Right, and if pigs fly . . .
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