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Subject:  Re: The Dead Babies You Won't Hear About Date:  4/10/2013  9:46 AM
Author:  Beridian Number:  677260 of 875689

Ahhh, the ole, "cursory google search" meme libs trot out. Sorry i watch news and it hasn't been covered. Sure they'll hide a token article somewhere on a website no one looks at but they don't cover it like the story it is, then when confronted they'll say something like it's not interesting enough or some such nonsense. I guarantee if you did a poll of Gosnells name recognition it would register zero.

Let's try being rational for bit shall we? Kermit Gosnell's crimes are alleged and still under investigation. We do not have a parking lot full of emergency vehicles and a pile of dead babies. At Sandy Hook we had 26 dead bodies all in one morning, a parking lot full of police and ambulances, sobbing parents, schools in lockdown, the whole nine yards.

Pretend you are the program director at CNN, how are you going to approach covering these stories? Reality is that a crashed airliner is going to get a lot more instantaneous news coverage than a corrupt politician. The news organizations pander to what people react to, that is reality. There is no nefariousness cover up, just differences in how media responds to our human nature.

I respect your concern for the crimes committed by Gosnell. I am glad that he is being prosecuted and investigated. If found guilty I hope he goes to jail. But what Gosnell did in no way alleviates or reduces what occurred at Sandy Hook.
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