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Subject:  Re: The Dead Babies You Won't Hear About Date:  4/10/2013  9:46 AM
Author:  Beridian Number:  677260 of 794715

Ahhh, the ole, "cursory google search" meme libs trot out. Sorry i watch news and it hasn't been covered. Sure they'll hide a token article somewhere on a website no one looks at but they don't cover it like the story it is, then when confronted they'll say something like it's not interesting enough or some such nonsense. I guarantee if you did a poll of Gosnells name recognition it would register zero.

Let's try being rational for bit shall we? Kermit Gosnell's crimes are alleged and still under investigation. We do not have a parking lot full of emergency vehicles and a pile of dead babies. At Sandy Hook we had 26 dead bodies all in one morning, a parking lot full of police and ambulances, sobbin