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Subject:  Re: I might be crazy but.... Date:  4/10/2013  8:50 PM
Author:  billjam Number:  71896 of 88807

Most retirees will tell you they don't know how they ever found time to work. I'm one of those. But I also know people, and my father was one, who would never be happy totally retired.

In my father's case he was self-employed and never totally retired. But he did cut back on his client list. He loved to play golf and often played four days a week. But he said if he had to play every day it would be like going to work.

I don't play golf every day but I often play four days a week during our 8 month golf season. I love to travel and try to travel at least six weeks a year. I'm active in organizations in my community where I can be helpful. I have a house and yard to take care of. I love to read, though even in winter that only consumes a couple hours a day at most. Most important, after a career of working long hours six days a week, I taught myself to relax more and enjoy my surroundings and life in general. It takes some effort and time but it can be done.

Your Plan sounds ideal for you but I wonder whether your employer will agree. No harm in trying. OTOH, if you really have to have a job to be happy, nothing says you can't start a new career. If you do, I suggest thinking about what you really want to do and giving it a try. I worked in one field, where I was very good, for most of my career. Several years before I planned to retire a reorganization claimed my job. Not wanting to relocate, and reasonably financially secure, I opened myself to the idea of doing something completely different. I was fortunate to find an employer willing to take a chance on me. Building on business and interpersonal skills I already had, I trained in the new skills I'd need. I can honestly say my last few years of employment were among the most enjoyable of my life, though not the most financially lucrative.
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