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Subject:  Re: I might be crazy but.... Date:  4/10/2013  11:35 PM
Author:  sykesix Number:  71902 of 78168

Because of my uncertainy of filling the time void what if I came up with a plan to present to my employer to help me erase this issue.

The Plan. Seek a salary of 14K, They cover all medical/dental premiums, provide an auto allowance, provide corporate housing (I own a home in MN but rent in my current location)and agree to 8 weeks vacation per year.

This would create a savings for them of over 60K per year and the business would remain fluid and would at least provide me a glimpse of what slowing down truly means.

I realize true DD includes filling that time void but I can't wrap my arms around it yet. From a financial standpoint I am fine.

Am I crazy???

You're not crazy. You are institutionalized:

The Man has sucked the life out of you for so long you depend on those walls.

The first problem with your plan is that it depends on the Man for really important stuff like housing and health insurance. That's a no-no. To get out of the institution you should ask for additional cash and then buy your own housing and health insurance. Then you don't need the Man to provide that anymore. Then you can cut the Man loose at any point.

As a subproblem of #1, you framed your solution in how it was beneficial for the Man (saves them money!). You need to think how it is beneficial for you.

Next problem is what to do with all your time. In another post you mentioned all the things you never got to do because you were working. They managed to strip