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Subject:  Re: Financial Advisor Fees Date:  4/11/2013  7:16 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  71926 of 78166

We'll see about the math. I was talking about the 'TUDE displayed when discussing the math.

If I cared, I'd go back through the whole "S&P & IUL" thread and see what things came in which order.

IIRC, I expressed doubt about the performance of IULs, and Dave challenged me -- and referred back to an even older thread where he claimed that he had proved his point. You chimed in to support Dave's argument. Okay.

Then I got annoyed, at both myslef and Dave. Dave because he keeps pushing and pushing IULs, and myself for engaging in handwaving arguments about a financial matter. And keeping getting drawn into the same debate and the same issue.

In finance & investing, handwaving is baloney. *ALL* that matters is the money, and all that matters is the numbers. We have the historical numbers. I've developed quite a bit of Excel knowledge over the last few years with respect to investment screens and backtesting. We know the rules of IUL's -- floor, cap, etc. (The fact that the company can lower the cap at it's sole discretion is another matter. I think that is a high risk, Dave thinks it is a low risk.)

Now, with the Excel experience I have, and all the various spreadsheets I already have from which I can steal pieces, why in the world was I arguing???
It's simple enough to plug the historical prices & the rules into a spreadsheet and see where the numbers lead. The first rough cut took less than an hour, and the largest part of that was finding and grabbing the appropriate formulas & techniques from my other spreadshee