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Subject:  Re: I might be crazy but.... Date:  4/12/2013  2:10 PM
Author:  spl241 Number:  71971 of 88062


We both thought it would take some time to adjust to retirement, but it didn't take as long as 5 minutes--for either of us.

My "deceleration time" was much different. I LOL now that I look back on the time right after I retired from teaching in 2005. For me, winding down was unsettling. I had my eyes on my watch constantly. So silly, but old habits like clock-watching die hard. No more being on the job at 7:15... no more several classes in a more half-hour for more squeezing every drop of usefulness out of my prep period.

Why was I still impatient for stop lights to turn green? What all-fired important destination did I have to reach? Why didn't I ask why Saturdays still had to be grocery days when I should have been shopping when most of the working world wasn't? Why did dinner still have to be at 5 or 5:30 so I would have have paper-grading time before I got too tired and my eyes flopped out onto the dining room table?

37 1/2 years of job regimentation took a toll. I heard there was a thing called a nap, but taking one would have made me hurry to do something I needed to be doing. My weight crept up slowly over the years. I would vow to exercise, only to start and soon quit because doing so occupied time I didn't think I had. When I hit 231 lbs., DW nagged me into the doctor--blood sugar, 251....cholesterol, 271, BP 160/100 with the rest of the lipid panel awful. I had neglected myself into Type 2 diabetes with other major #'s in the danger area.

Today?? Just the wonderful opposite of everything I mentioned up there. I know the true meaning of relaxed. But it took a good while after hanging up my erasers to learn it. Health issues are well under control, thanks to Pfizer, Amgen, M-care, and my doc. I'm at the Y several times a week, pushing pretty well for a 67 y.o on the treadmill and strength stuff.

Enough, already. My La-Z-Boy is calling.
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