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Subject:  Re: I might be crazy but.... Date:  4/13/2013  12:09 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  71982 of 78166

I think the "deceleration time" differences are a very important point. Here are some factors I think may be relevant:

+ Job type.

Jobs that schedule most of your time such as public school teaching, factory work, health care and other customer-focused jobs may leave you at a loss for filling up retirement hours as you may be out of practice in determining for yourself what to do. I think transition to retirement may be easier when you're more accustomed to laying out your own path.

As a writer/editor, I seldom had more than a couple of meetings a week; the rest of my time at work was my own to lay out. AS a programmer, software architect, manager of SW engineering, and finally college instructor, DH was also able to determine for himself how to use much of his time.

+ Personality type.

People-people may have a harder time adjusting to being around fewer people. This was true for my mother, who joined a bunch of clubs, and my father, who met people at the town pool and got involved with people online. For a while I did volunteer work, but I'm not really that social and it was wearing, so I stopped (also, as I started to do more travel, I couldn't give a consistent commitment).

"Type A's," who have a powerful need to accomplish things, might find the adjustment to retirement a little harder than others. But a little creativ