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Subject:  Re: Higher Medicare premiums for Top 25% Date:  4/13/2013  1:14 PM
Author:  TMFMurph Number:  71987 of 88772

Well, like they say, alstoemeria, the vast majority of communication is tone of voice/body language, etc...not the, no harm, no foul. ;-)

As to this thought:

I should think premiums would be phenomenally expensive for seniors today, what with our very expensive treatments for cancer, transplants and heart surgery, etc. developed since 1965. Out of reach for way more than half of seniors I should think.

No doubt about it, but in my particular case, the premiums could be paid with money left over. Never doubt what Einstein said( or at least some attribute to him) about the awesome power of money compounding over time ( the $65 K spaced over 40+ years and easily returning an average of 7% annual compounded ).

There is no doubt that some people need help. There is no doubt that some people receiving help don't deserve it. The devil is in the details....details which the politicians talk about briefly ( especially when trying to justify the cost of some new program by "cutting waste and fraud" ), and then promptly do next to nothing about.

If I felt my direct tax dollars and my stealth tax dollars ( extra Medicare premiums, losses of deductions due to AGI, AMT, etc ) were being spent relatively wisely, I would be much more tolerant of the games politicians play; but in my lifetime ( and IMHO), the waste has only gotten worse, the sense of "entitlement" greater and the willingness to sacrifice in the short-term for a better long-term life has greatly diminished.

Sounding just like my Dad ( rest his soul ); must mean I've finally graduated to curmudgeon. ;-)

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