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Subject:  Re: Higher Medicare premiums for Top 25% Date:  4/13/2013  1:43 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  71988 of 88520

in my particular case, the premiums could be paid with money left over.

In our particular case, assuming say $4,000 per senior per month, then nyet ;-) (er, this use of Russian is supposed to be funny as I expect I come across as some sort of communist to you///and that was supposed to be funny, too...oh, I give up!)

Why $4k? My healthy SIL was paying $2000/month for an individual policy when she was 64, my not so healthy brother cannot even get a policy when he offered $6k/, maybe $4k is too low?!

There is no doubt that some people receiving help don't deserve it

I can only guess what you mean, but since I love guessing games, I'll try...smokers? the obese? people who don't exercise? people who didn't "tithe" into retirement accounts starting with their first job? people who invested poorly (hello-)?

If I felt my direct tax dollars and my stealth tax dollars...were being spent relatively wisely, I would be much more tolerant of the games politicians play; but in my lifetime ( and IMHO), the waste has only gotten worse, the sense of "entitlement" greater and the willingness to sacrifice in the short-term for a better long-term life has greatly diminished.

I feel the same way about Pentagon spending. (And I kinda feel that way whenever I drive past the extensive projects in Spanish Harlem-)

Sounding just like my Dad ( rest his soul ); must mean I've finally graduated to curmudgeon. ;-)

I achieved my license to commit eccentricity on my 50th birthday.

Oh, back to health insurance at age 65+ covering half of seniors before the establishment of Medicare. Lemme guess that most of the insured half had retiree health insurance as former executives or as workers at rust belt corporations and the government.

PS--Don't be a stranger around here!
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