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Subject:  Re: Hate Form 8606 Calculations Date:  4/13/2013  11:53 PM
Author:  bighairymike Number:  72002 of 78168

RatioFool writes,

I'm a little surprised that some people actually made non-deductible contributions to a traditional IRA. I couldn't find a compelling reason to do so.

It made sense during the Reagan years for a short period when dividends and capital gains were taxed the same as W-2 income.



Back when I worked for a Fortune 200, I maxed out the 401k contribution every year. They matched the first six % but I was putting I think 16% in. Usually that meant sometime in October I would hit the max dollar limit for pre-tax 401k contributions. Payroll would send you a form to elect stopping contributions for the remainder of the year or continuing but using after tax dollars.

I always elected to keep adding after tax money for the last 4 or 5 pay periods each year. So when I left t