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Subject:  investments for the non-financially literate Date:  4/19/2013  7:42 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  72073 of 78166

Friends are 65 and 66 and about to retire. They've paid almost no attention to their 401ks over the years and just got an inheritance and have sheepishly asked me for advice. They're a bit vague on amounts, I think a couple hundred thou apiece in 401ks (maybe $4-500,000 total) and a few hundred thou cash inheritance plus savings. Very small Roth accounts as they didn't know of them till a few years ago. Maybe $20k apiece. They're frightened by tales of nefarious investment advisors and don't want to go that route, and also want to do as little management themselves as possible.

I'm thinking roll over each 401k into an IRA and invest in Vanguard Wellesley and put most of the (taxable) cash into Vanguard Wellington. Maybe do something a little more out there with the Roths...the VG REIT