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Subject:  Re: OT: Global Water shortage. Date:  4/19/2013  10:04 AM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  201041 of 235750

Potable water is in short (and ever shrinking) supply. I consider this a growing macroeconomic concern. As an investor, I believe this will lead to lucrative opportunities. As a human being, I worry about my brethren/sisteren who'll find themselves thirsty and desperate.

In some parts of the world the situation is so bad already that one country has been fighting serious wars of aggression for over 60 years, conquering territory and killing and expelling neighbors to get their water. I do not suppose that is the only reason they are doing that, but it is surely one of the reasons. And the US gives them $3 to $4 billion a year to do it. And in another part of the world people are already dieing in wholesale numbers because of lack of drinking water and even water for agriculture and sanitation. It is already happening.

I wonder when the US will go to war with Canada for water? Or will we just buy them out, if the US dollar does not fall so much compared with the Canadian one that we cannot afford it. We could start by buying Lake Superior, I suppose, and building a pipeline to water the golf courses in Nevada and southern California.
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