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Subject:  Re: OT: Global Water shortage. Date:  4/19/2013  10:37 AM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  201043 of 236837

No, people will not be 'thirsty and desperate' unless they can't cough up a penny a day to buy some water, but then, they will also be hungry, cold, wet, etc., so compassionate human beings will have lots to worry about, but water won't be high on the list.

It won't be high on the list? People are dieing of thirst right now. They are killing one another for it. Some people make no money at all. Lots make less than $1/day. They do not have a penny a day for water even if there were someone to sell it to them at that price. They are also hungry, cold, wet, etc. And die from lack of sanitation facilities that they once had, but wealthy so-called civilized countries bombed their water treatment plants, their sewage treatment plants, the electric power plants, basically back to slightly post stone-age living standards. We call this brining them democracy. Bah!
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