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Subject:  Re: Ah, No AR-15, Cowering Boston Libs?? Date:  4/21/2013  12:51 AM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1872260 of 2207119


JDC and many Leftists here keep bringing up my race. There's no reason for that. Other than, they are Liberal racists who only see people as part of a group.

And you have tons in common with Tsarnevs and Dorners and Ft Hooders politically than I do.

Then you do the "recent immigrant" thing. Who cares? Sorry my parents didn't come here long ago and genocide Natives. I apologize for being new.

And yes, I CHEER THE RESULTS OF LIBERALISM, BIG TIME. Every time I brought up culture, folks like JDC personally ridiculed me. So they won. I decided to just enjoy the results.

And regardless of what you say Felix, the results are bad. Very bad. Getting worse. And much of it is due to culture. And it's mostly liberalism to blame, but also we on the Right too. But instead of having that debate, JDC and Leftists got very personal when I said culture is one of the roots of economic problems we (or wait, you people lol) are gonna have.

So if I object to cultural problems, you guys don't like it.

Now I give up, I cede the issue to you Leftists and cheer the "great" results, still not happy.


Count your debt. Count the dearth of skilled workers. Count the revenue shortages. Count the swelling numbers of underclass and the permanency.

All far more serious and important than what you guys say about me personally here.

Keep it me.

I'll keep bringing up the results of Liberalism, and LAUGHING.


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