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Subject:  Re: Ah, No AR-15, Cowering Boston Libs?? Date:  4/21/2013  1:11 AM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1872266 of 2207532

Once again, a post about ME from Felix. (Who said he'd p-box me, but just can't, lol)

Once again talking about "1st gen" or whatever American. Can't just let someone be an American. Gotta keep score on immigration status.

Just because my parents are immigrants, you choose to say I have THAT in common with the Boston Bombers?

You've got TONS more in common with them politically. Ditto Ft HOod and Times Square.

I continue to cheer for the results Liberalism is continuing to bring to America, France, Germany, UK, etc. But Felix, those results are going to be GREAT right? So why not let me cheer GREAT things brought on by Liberalism? LOL.

Immigration: I'm with Obama. Too Big to Fail: With Obama. Civil Liberties; With Obama. Public Schools: With DEms and teacher unions. Health Care: I'm with Obama.

And the results are GONNA BE GREAT!!!! :) So join me in embracing such policies. Oh wait, you embraced it long ago so we'll have you to thank for the results.

Cheering Demise?

When there are tragedies in "red states" it's your Liberal buddies who can't waste one second chiding about "Ok, you want small government. So you don't deserve rescue".

Felix, if you don't want demise of "fellow Americans", then try facing and discussing the very real cultural problems I used to bring up, that JDC ridiculed.

because it's you and the Left cheering, and NEEDING demise. You've enslaved whole communities and relegated them to inner cities and poverty for a generation or two.

That's not about ME. THAT'S about the true hell Liberalism has sunk many, many people into.

So keep commenting about ME.

Yes, I'll keep laughing at the punishment Liberalism gives out.

If you don't like it, vote Republican.

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