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Subject:  Re: Ah, No AR-15, Cowering Boston Libs?? Date:  4/21/2013  1:27 AM
Author:  xLife Number:  1872270 of 2016472

Once again talking about "1st gen" or whatever American. Can't just let someone be an American. Gotta keep score on immigration status.

LOL. Tell it to the Chechen Muslim terrorist. Dzhokar Tsarnaev is as American as you are.

Just because my parents are immigrants, you choose to say I have THAT in common with the Boston Bombers?

No. That's what JDC was saying. And he only said that in response to your post saying that the terrorists were liberals and had more in common with PA lefties than McVeigh does with conservatives. It's a response to this bit of bile from you:

But just like Fort Hood, Times Square, Dorner.....these guys could almost stand-in for you Leftists if you took a break from posting.

You've got TONS more in common with them politically. Ditto Ft HOod and Times Square.

You can continue to think and say that, but it's wrong.