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Subject:  Re: Liberals, are you anti-Bisexual? Date:  4/21/2013  1:45 AM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1872274 of 2204118

Once again, Felix-I-can't-Ignore-Jedi makes it about ME.

I'm merely using the same pro-gay-marriage arguments the Left made (which I agree with).

And you are an Anti-Bisexual-Bible-Thumping bigot.

Confront the topic, not the poster for once.

Why should you and your government be allowed to tell a Bisexual American, who prefers both sexes and needs that to be happy, that he can't marry a man and a woman?

For instance, if I were Bisexual (even though I'm an inferior immigrant-American to you), let's say in addition to my Wife, I wanted to marry a man. I'd probably pick Dovbaer because he's the sensitive, caring, alan alda type. Why should the government or hateful conservatives prevent me from loving who and how I want to love in a consenting way?

C'mon Felix-can't-ignore-Jedi-ever-and -can't-respond-on-topic, tell us?

Thanks for being concerned about the late hours. Sorry, it doesn't matter to me. The unemployment funds spend quite well regardless of how sleepy I may feel. (Thanks obama ;)

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