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Subject:  Re: Silence on PA Date:  4/21/2013  11:15 AM
Author:  xLife Number:  678603 of 875599

All I see from you and the PA left is psychoanalyzing the poor widdle misunderstood youths and their traumatic childhood.

Really? I haven't seen any of that. Have seen some discussion of their motives, the same sort of thing that investigators are going to be interested in.

Never mind though a good part of their childhood was spent growing up in America giving them opportunities even many American kids do not, nice home and nice clothes, promising careers.

I think that they mostly grew up in America is a big part of the point people are making about these two being "home-grown" terrorists and not like the 9-11 perpetrators. FWIW, I don't think their home was all that "nice." Their parents seem flaky. Dad scuffled by with odd jobs. Mom was arrested for shoplifting. And at least one of them had no job prospects at all and supposedly couldn't afford school. The other, as we know, was studying at U-Mass Dartmouth.

America opened it's arms up to the brothers offering them a better way of life.

Yes, and Tamerlan failed, sought solace or purpose in radical Islam, then did this. Dzhokar seens to have been much better assimilated, with better prospects, a future. The "psychoanalyzing" you ridicule is an attempt to better understand why they committed this horrible crime.

You can go back to mindlessly bashing all Muslims now.
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