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Subject:  An Open Letter Date:  4/21/2013  2:33 PM
Author:  Hardboiled Number:  41678 of 46395

I need an attitude adjustment. Yesterday was prom day, night.

Instead of feeling like it's ridiculous for a 60-year-old mother to stand outside in the wet cold in line for 30 minutes before being admitted to the school to scramble for a seat for the grand march, I need to be grateful for the opportunity to get some really fresh air and an hour to chill while we waited for the 700 couples to go through the grand march.

Instead of being put out with folks who budged in line ahead of me, saved rows of seats while people who'd stood in line couldn't find a seat, whooped and hollared when their child was announced, or sneaked out after their child was through, I need to be comfortable with the way DH and I handled the crowd.

Instead of trying to figure out the outrageous amount of money spent on sparkly dresses and rented tuxes and manicures and tanning and makeup and flowers and dinners, I need to count my blessings that I live in a community where so many people can afford these expenditures. (But I can't help but think about the part of the same community where kids need coats and shoes and peanut butter sandwiches. I just can't.)

Instead of worrying about looking frumpy and having my baking clothes on, I should be grateful DD wanted a photo with me at the little dinner party at one of her friend's parents' home.

Instead of being disappointed that DD exceeded the $100 I gave her for a prom dress, I need to be confident that she will learn that serving a whole lot of pizzas to buy a poofy prom dress just doesn't make a lot of sense.

She was lovely. Her date was a fine young man. They had fun, and went to the after prom party sponsored by a big group of parents. And, it's over!!

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