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Subject:  Re: Liberals, are you anti-Bisexual? Date:  4/21/2013  7:04 PM
Author:  valueqwest Number:  1872393 of 2210897

yes. And gay marriage is so uncomplicated

Gay marriage is uncomplicated. It can use existing marriage laws.

Oh please. I guess that is why there is litigation in most states and federally regarding this issue.

But since "uncomplicated" is the test, natural marriage is least complicated, so it rules.

Yeah. That civil rights social experimentation removing the prohibitions on interracial marriage probably didn't turn out to well for you. Luckily it did for most people though.

Has nothing to do with current topic.

Besides, gay people have been co-habitating in everything but legal marriage for years.

And that proves to you such relationships are good for children. Sorry, but I require just a tad more rigor.

Finally giving them the same rights as everyone else isn't really much of a stretch as far as experimentation is concerned.

You completely miss the point. Children. Where is the science regarding children with 2 dads or moms? There is no credible on-point research. There is plenty that shows kids do best with dad and mom. I doubt that matters to you, however.

We are right back where we started. You and Jedi don't know what a slippery slope logical fallacy is and that 3 > 2 and the complications it will lead to.

We reach the initial conclusion. You do not favor true marriage rights. You just like to discriminate against others who love differently.

Your support for gay marriage thus comes across as unprincipled.

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