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Subject:  Re: Ah, No AR-15, Cowering Boston Libs?? Date:  4/21/2013  9:09 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1872420 of 2204280

Hi Cairo....

Nice of you to chime in though on the other board you just dropped bombs and then ran away and didn't answer questions.

So enjoy your recs here. And enjoy the punishment based on current events, be it austerity, budget cuts, teacher cuts, whatever. Nothing you say changes that....but it shows that you are insensitive to everyone suffering from the results of Obama and Liberalism and more preoccupied with recs. No surprise.

Also, please show posts where you've taken exception with the multitudes of Liberal posts correlating some nutjob's blog comments with "Republicans". Or with correlating abortion bombers to Conservatives. Or the many times when the Left invokes McVeigh and connects him to the Right, or the limited government crowd. Show where you've objected to the countless blanket "Christian" posts on Athiest Fools or hear where they make sport out of mocking a whole group like you PRETEND to be against.

Until you do that, then....yeah, it's shame that the politics of Ft Hood, Times Square, and Boston bombers are very, very close to the PA Left. Waaaay more than me.

So here we are.

Does the Left want to admit "From now on, McVeigh has nothing to do with Republicans. Shootings have nOTHING to do with Palin and 'crosshairs'. Abortion bombers have NOTHING to do with Republicans or Conservatives.

Go for it. You'll find the same response from me if you do it.

But you won't.

Why? Because if the Boston Bombers were posting here and you didn't know who they were, their posts would be as popular a in very popular with the Left.

Still waiting for Leftists to come out and say they HAVE gone too far be it McVeigh, Abortion bombers, crosshairs, whatever.

But like Obama, none of you are interested in such diplomacy.

Just violence and fighting.

It shows.

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