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Subject:  Re: Liberals, are you anti-Bisexual? Date:  4/21/2013  11:51 PM
Author:  valueqwest Number:  1872448 of 2204428

Stop the dishonesty. None of the litigation you mention is over the complications of gay marriage, it is over the legality of it.


The fact that gay "marriage" is illegal is not a complication to you is interesting. I guess you find cheating on your taxes, bigamy, and armed robbery similarly uncomplicated.

You mentioned social experimentation regarding marriage. Now when it is pointed out that gay marraige is exactly like interracial marriage was at the time you now want to pretend social experimentatiyon is off topic?

Uh, no. Race is not part of the discussion and you know it.

We don't require two teenagers to prove that their impending marriage is good for the baby that is due in a couple of months. Why homosexuals?

First, gay guys do not have babies. Second, no one asked for proof. Having said that, there is plenty of data supporting that children do best with mom and dad, and strawmen do not change that.

There is no credible on-point research. There is plenty that shows kids do best with dad and mom. I doubt that matters to you, however.

Why do you want to outlaw single people having children? What does that have to do with gay marriage?

Last I checked, single people are not married. But you brought that into the discussion, for no apparent reason.

The sad part of this is you have had all of your points answered and you still constantly pretend you haven't.

You seem to exist in some bizarre alternate universe. You certainly have not countered anything I have pointed out, not here, not anywhere. And that there is no credible research on the effect of gay marriage on children is not seriously in dispute. Accordingly, we are not having much of of a discussion.

The best part of this is that in 30 years, your words will still be here for all to see. 30 after the bigots who opposed interracial marriage were able to slink off and pretend they never said and did the things they did.

I love that everyone who disagrees with you is a bigot. Yes you have no facts to answer my statements. What does that make you? An ideologue? I am being charitable.

You do not favor true marriage rights. You just like to discriminate against others who love differently. Your support for gay marriage thus comes across as unprincipled.

Wrong (as usual). I don't mind it if we as a country let multiple people marry

Then why are you pretending to argue it? Sheesh.

..(as long as they are of age concenting[sic] adults).

On what basis? People who love people younger than 18 believe they were born that way. Just because they love differently than you, does that allow you to deny them civil rights?

I really don't. I do recognize the complications of bringing that about however since it would require tens of thousands of changes to existing state and federal laws.

Right. And it is ok to discriminate against people if paperwork makes it inconvenient.

All gay marriage reuires is that recognizing a spouse could be the same sex.

Again, bigotry.
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