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Subject:  Re: Lets Not Jump To Conclusions!!!! Date:  4/22/2013  11:03 AM
Author:  xLife Number:  678790 of 875607

I understand that it's easier for you to attack me personally and mischaracterize my argument than it is to actually address it, but that really serves no useful purpose. It's not even interesting.

You don't have an argument.

Of course I do. It's this: When Muslim radicals commit terrorism we tend to focus on the fact that they're Muslim and all Muslims are considered complicit or suspect. (See CC's most recent post. When Christian radicals commit terrorism we downplay or ignore their religious motivation and don't consider their religion or co-religionists complicit or suspect in any way.

More simply put: Muslim terrorists are thought to exemplify Muslims. Christian terrorsist are not thought to exemplify Christians.

You're continually equating the arguments that Islam has been feeding the terrorist movement as an equal to Christianity.

That's wrong. There's no equivalence. As I've said, Islamist terrorists are more numerous, better organized and more destructive at present. There are many political and cultural reasons for this that aren't intrinsic to Islam or Christianity. You premise is incorrect and the conclusions you draw from it are flawed so I'll refrain from discussing them further.

I think we all know that to engage in religious bigotry is not the American way at all.

I agree, which is why I'm appalled by CC's and 28's explicitly bigoted anti-Muslim statements.

So I have to ask again. How on earth do you even remotely equate them to us, or Them to Christianity on general?

Again, I don't. It's not an argument of equivalence. It's an argument of comparison and difference. When a member of X-group commits terrorism we blame all X. When a member of Y-group commits terrorism we don't blame all Y. There's no assumption that X = Y in every other respect. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the argument.
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