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Subject:  Re: Lets Not Jump To Conclusions!!!! Date:  4/22/2013  11:22 AM
Author:  xLife Number:  678800 of 876389

Because the VAST MAJORITY of Christians aren't like the Westboro nuts, and nearly every Christian of every denomination denounces the Westboro nuts (as I'm doing now), whereas a MAJORITY of Muslims ... who are like the Tsarnaevs OR who don't say a single word AGAINST the Tsarnaevs do represent Islam.

That's untrue. It is true, however, that a much higher percentage of Muslims support or excuse terrorism than do Christians. Much of that has to do with definitions of terrorism and war, the distinction between killing innocent civilians with a bomb in a backpack versus a bomb dropped by an airplane, for example.

The other day a man had a table in front of Target where he extolled the benefits of Islam. Since this was after the Boston Marathon, I was shocked he had the nerve to set up such a table. I point blank asked him, "do you denounce the actions of the two brothers who planted bombs at the Boston Marathon?" I spent a few minutes engaging him. He went round and round like the music--just as you always do--but would not denounce their actions.

Three things.

First, anecdotes aren't arguments.

Second, you can get the same kind of equivocation or evasion from fundamentalist Christians with regard to abortion clinic bombings. It's less likely and they're more adept at it in an "of course I condemn it, but..." kind of way.

Third, I do denounce the Boston Marathon Bombers actions and all other acts of terrorism. You're suggestion that I don't is a despicable cheap shot for which you should apologize.
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