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Subject:  Re: Lets Not Jump To Conclusions!!!! Date:  4/22/2013  12:27 PM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  678806 of 876452

Again, I don't. It's not an argument of equivalence. It's an argument of comparison and difference. When a member of X-group commits terrorism we blame all X. When a member of Y-group commits terrorism we don't blame all Y. There's no assumption that X = Y in every other respect. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the argument.

I believe I do. I'm not a supporter of Christian fundamentalism, and I surely do not support any groups that are beyond nasty and/or violent. But they do not represent all Christians, many of whom are Democrats and Liberals. I'm sure you know that Boston is a very liberal city, and a ton of Christians live there.

Your argument is a moot point, based both on the facts concerning militant groups and countries, and the fact that there is no nation that has set up anti-terrorist organizations to stop Christian terrorist groups. We have anti-government groups, we have anti-abortion groups, both of whom have done some damage in attacks, but they are not widespread thankfully, nor are they large in number. Nor do they take up housekeeping on other countries with the desire to create harm.

These two men seemed to be OK, with the younger brother seemingly liked by most everyone he had come into contact with. The older brother apparently saw a steady decline when he became more focused on the extremist factions of Islam. Which is fine, it is his right. Unfortunately, the factions of militant extremist Islam are numerous and large. They span continents, and their trail of destruction and death are easy to follow. While this doesn't mean all Muslims are militant extremists, they certainly have the most militant people, and the largest number of militants in the world.

As I stated, entire nations are worried about them, including the ones that are frequently mentioned by Democrats as nations they wish America was more like. I can understand sympathizing with the people that have to endure suspicion and distrust because of their ethnicity. Unfortunately for them, the reputation of Terrorism in the name of Islam precedes them, and has for decades. I don;t really care what someone's religion is, nor their color, nor anything else. But I do care about entire nations that scream Death To The Infidels. That means you too, by the way.

Your going around and around in a circle, throwing out Christianity in the process, makes you look silly. The reason you cannot answer a very direct series of questions, means you are hiding behind politically correct, Liberal BS. I don;t know how many more bombings and terrorist attacks around the world and in this country we have to endure before you people stop engaging in the use of this type of BS after each attack. At some point, your views will change, as I suspect most of New Englands population's views have changed, if they hadn't already made up their minds.

Part of the problem in the future we have, is that the US and other country's intelligence and military communities have been largely successful at cutting off the heads of terrorist organizations. In doing this, we are no longer fighting just an obvious terrorist group like Al Queda, but we also have to defend against individuals and small groups of individuals that have taken up the torch. This not only makes it far harder to defend against terror, it makes it almost impossible (like this incident), to be able to keep tabs on those that might engage in such acts.

If you think we have a slightly larger problem now with these Muslim groups than Christian groups, and that Muslims are being unfairly targeted, then I certainly disagree. Unfortunately, you will be proven incorrect on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, over and over again. This DOES NOT mean we need to randomly discriminate against Muslims and treat them like they generally treat their own citizens (especially women and people of other faiths), in their own nations. But it DOES mean our suspicions are correct, and your statements concerning Christian terrorists or terrorist groups are so far off the target as to be vapor.

This is not a political discussion, this is real life. There's far fewer people left that think these men would have carried out this atrocity if the older brother was a Mormon, or a Roman Catholic, or even an atheist. There's hardly a Democrat in existence impacted by this that hasn't cast aside the doubts they had about whether we had a fair argument or not.
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