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Subject:  Re: A real Flake Date:  4/22/2013  1:00 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  1872511 of 2211379

Flake was my rep, and now is my senator. Early on as a rep he was a crusader against ear-marks. I supported him back then. But I voted against him the last two times he ran for rep, and when he ran for senate. He has turned into a Treason Party lackey, even signing the Norquist anti-tax pledge. However one feels about taxes (or anything else), a pledge like that is counter to how politics works (compromise).

He has explained his vote. Evidently on his FB page, but I link an article below. His objection was that the checks "went too far" because they would have included private transactions. Which, IMO, is a stupid reason. A simple example: Adam Lanza. His mother may have been competent to possess firearms (though her cavalier attitude says otherwise to me), but her son clearly was not. He should not be able to receive her firearms simply because he was her son. Everyone receiving a firearm from whatever source should be subject to background checking, and any seller/donor/gifter that does not run a check should be prosecuted. But of course we'll probably never get that law unless we get a string of school shootings in rapid succession such that no senator would dare vote against the resulting legislation due to constituent anger.

Many folks here are plenty p|ssed. But I predict Flake will win again in 2018. The weasel.
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