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Subject:  Re: Why executives aren't prosecuted... Date:  4/22/2013  1:24 PM
Author:  totolapse1 Number:  421195 of 536571

A review of the business judgement rule will show you that even in civil cases it is difficult to win. So essentially if they say they made a simple mistake and you don't have enough ammo to sway someone, you most likely will lose. I would take a defensive case unless there was dead to rights fraud. Gross Negligence is difficult.

Y'all would love to be highly paid plutocrats. You just won't admit it.

This shows your ignorance of plutocracy. Real plutocrats pay people, they don't work for compensation by anyone else. If they have wages its tax beneficial or a formality.

Now in a corporatocracy they earn wages, huge bonuses, have golden parachutes, and some of their income is given to them in tax beneficial ways. I have the view that a corporatocracy can be a subsection of a plutocracy. Either way it is not goodf or anyone but them.
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