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Subject:  Re: It works this way in real life too. Date:  4/22/2013  3:33 PM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  421202 of 539023

... he is all excited because he finally completed his acquisition of a small Alberta company that had 14 employees. The whole thing got loaded into a rail car and is on its way to his warehouse in Nova Scotia.

Wait, what? What about evil corporations destroying jobs? Did he throw the 14 now unemployed workers a sop and offer to hire 2 or 3 of them if they'd move?

I'm not the business guy but that sounds like pretty good synergy to me?

It is from a businessman's point of view (mine) but doesn't fit in with the liberal point of view that the main job of businesses is to provide jobs. Sounds like your SIL knows what he's doing.

Major lesson learned is that when dealing with elderly people forced to give up their life's work it is good to make sure everything is up front before making the buy decision.

Sounds like the old couple didn't really want to retire but were forced (by age and/or health?) to. We were lucky in that respect in that we decided we'd had enough fun* and wanted to retire while we still could enjoy our retirement.

We were also lucky in that we found an in house buyer (one of our employees) and didn't have to search for strangers to negotiate the sale with.

I'm glad to see that SIL was smart and got a lawyer. Too many people try to negotiate major deals without one.

Paying my staff well above minimum wage was a "secret plan" I also used to retain experienced and valued employees. Although I did not have to worry about them stealing from us.

And yes my experience confirms your SIL's: women over 40 make good workers and they were first generation Koreans (like my wife) who know the value of work and worked hard. (In contrast I hired one of the daughters of one of them (second generation) and the teenaged girl came in and started reading a book!) That was a short experiment.

Note: The physical product is made in the US while the "thoughts" that make it special came from the female side of the couple in Alberta.

Condoms with love poems and/or pickup lines printed on the wrappers?

*Success in life is deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life and then finding a way to get paid for doing it.
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