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Subject:  Re: OT-Tesla Date:  4/22/2013  7:16 PM
Author:  michaelservet Number:  201121 of 226043

As I said before this is not a value stock by any means, (TESLA is a start up automobile car company for goodness sakes). Automobile companies and air carriers are some of WEB's most disliked businesses.

I am taking a big long term risk on a new technology that no one else need follow.


Greetings Jan -

Back just before New Year’s I paid a rare visit to the upscale mall in my region, and was surprised and a bit impressed to see a Tesla shop right in the center of the mall. I had figured that they had snagged some opportunistic mall space for the holidays (I was wrong) and were taking advantage of the season and that mall’s demographics to make an introductory splash.

Adding to Tesla’s initial impression, the prominent local dealer luxury marques had arranged to station a 9four-door) Porsche Panamera – perhaps the Tesla S’s most direct competitor – right outside the Tesla shop, cordoned off so the mall traffic had to walk around it, and they had also cordoned off an eye-catching Bentley in the middle of things nearby.

The mall was crowded, and everyone it seemed wanted to see and sit in the Tesla. The Porsche and Bentley were completely ignored. The whole crowd scene at the Tesla shop was pretty impressive, and so was the car, even just sitting there.

A couple of evenings later I happened to mention the Tesla shop to a neighbor who was knowledg