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Subject:  Re: Lets Not Jump To Conclusions!!!! Date:  4/23/2013  11:43 AM
Author:  JLC Number:  679052 of 875628

...any interest or allure with Islam that I may have had...

Not that I'm a great theologian, but I have read about other religions and have visited places that are definitely non-Christian, but about the only thing I ever found attractive about islam was the praying five times a day.

On the surface I thought it was be a continual reminder that something else is out there, take the focus off yourself, etc., etc., the general reasons most religions pray. However, if you are going to a mosque 5 times a day and hearing some militant constantly harping on "kill the infidel", it is a total waste of time.

Two personal experiences with islam.

The first, I was in Cambodia with a surgical mission team. The missionary was working in areas that were 95% muslim. One of the main things he did was address their medical needs by bringing in medical mission teams. One year the very first patient, for a hernia repair, was the village elder/chieftain. Things went without a hitch and the man was very pleased. He told the missionary before going back to the village, his village was open to him. In effect he said you Christians come and do things for my people asking for nothing in return. I hear all the muslim preachers telling us to do this and that but they don't help us at all.

The second, my brother went to Banda Aceh as part of a clean up/building crew after the tsunami. It was a Christian organization but they weren't there to preach, just work and build. The villagers were more than happy to see them. That was on the first trip in the spring. My brother goes back about 6 months later in the fall, things were a little different. The imams had moved back in, they were too good for the much work I guess, and started preaching again. Instead of the little kids running up and wanting to play for see if you had any candy, it was running up and going "bang, bang, kill Americans" with their fingers like pistols.

Worthless religion as far as I'm concerned.

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