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Subject:  Re: Lets Not Jump To Conclusions!!!! Date:  4/23/2013  4:53 PM
Author:  BGinNJ Number:  679183 of 876383

<Worthless religion as far as I'm concerned.>

What gets me is not the religion per se.

It is how a subsector of it(we can argue about how big or small) can hijack Islam while the rest of the members do not raise their voices in protest. I had the same anger about the Catholic priest scandal where a small subsector of priests was able to cause all priests to be suspected of commiting or actively tolerating illegal or immoral behavior.

The similarity is that silence in the face of evil is flat out wrong. If I were a Catholic priest I would be fuming mad that a small precentage of my fellow priests could define me by THEIR reprehensible behavior. If I were a Muslim who disavows violence, I would be fuming mad that a very visable group of nutjobs was able to define me as being a part of that. Do those who dislike the portrayal honestly disagree with the jihadists or do they secretly agree with their goals if not their methods?

One of the things that get on my nerves is those who try to push the idea of moral equivalence. Yesterday, I saw the press meeting where the White House press asked Obamas press secretary about events of the day. A muslim woman asked him about civilian casualties from a drone bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing. Carney flubbed the response by saying he would have to look into it. In a drone attack civilian casualties occur while taking out some very bad people who often keep civilian people near them as a buffer. In those cases every attempt is made to minimize civilian casualties. The Boston bombing was totally designed to inflict as much damage as possible on civilians.

IOW, there is no moral equivalence at all. Yet Carney was unable to articulate this simple truth. Maybe the womans garb made it impossible for him to avoid the PC virus that has infected us as a country.

The underlying assumption in this line of thinking is that if we never defend ourselves, they will leave us alone. Christians are routinely mocked and ridiculed by secular progressive types without the slightest fear of blowback. Yet that same condescension is never shown toward the Muslim religion. They know (even if they don't say it) that there would be real consequenceses for doing so.

That is why a liberal professor can ask his class to write Jesus on a piece of paper and ask the students to walk on it. The same professor would never dream of asking the same students to write Mohammed on a piece of paper and walk on it. See the big disconnect?

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