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Subject:  Re: Tax Deferred Annuity right for me? Date:  4/27/2013  6:10 AM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  118493 of 123001

I feel that a lot of people who were making money saw how much effort it was taking; saw how much of their hard earn money was being taken for taxes; and decided that their time could be spent doing other things. Thus, they cut back. Reduced thier income, Reduced thier lifestyle. Spent less on consumer goods.

They are now happier. They pay less taxes; have less income; and spend less.

And this relates to tax deferred annuities how?
Or even how does it relate to the comment that someone complaining that they're "getting killed in taxes" is hysterical hyperbole?

I have yet to meet someone who will give me $ that they've earned so that they can get a tax break that's 1/3 of that amount. If you want to be the first, I'll be happy to provide you with an address where you can send the check.

Of course I know some people who have decided to decrease how much they work because they don't feel like they need that much income - but really it isn't taxes that's driving that decision, it's that they don't want to work the hours or don't need the income.

And those people who claim that they have a marginal rate of 40% or 50% on state+fed taxes on their income don't get a lot of sympathy from me if they complain about their tax rates. Sure I'd pay less if it was a "flat tax" - but I don't think it's a good idea - I think a progressive t