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Subject:  Re: To former GG members... Date:  4/27/2013  10:52 AM
Author:  anuragupta Number:  120 of 132

I decided to have a look at my port and see how many GG stocks I still have. It takes some effort to scan thru 250 stocks:

Returns include dividends

ABB (+37%), ADDYY (+80%), AKOA (74%), ARCO (-22%), ALV (+18%) ASR (400%, was it in GG or HG?), BAM(+26%), BIP (+125%), BLX (+77%), BOBS (+95%, tiny ones), CBI (+92%), CHKP (-10%), CHL (+23%), CLPHY (+29%), COSWF (-14%), ESGR (+89%), FMX (+128%), FRCOY (+152%), GSH (+36%), GSK (+42%), HDB (-1%), HOFGF (+4%, tiny ones), ITRN (+28%), MELI (+55%), MIL (+200%), NBBTF (-49%, tiny ones), NVS (+50%), PDS (-4%), PM (+177%), RBGLY (41%), RDY (+41%), SCPZF (+9%), SLB (0%), SWRAY (+11%), SYT (+74%), TEVA (+4%), TRUMY (-9%), TRP (+24%), TSRYY (+66%), UNICY (+63%), VETMF (+111%), WMT (+18%), YUM (+48%).

I sold many at sizeable profits like PVD, VTRAF as they got acquired. I lost nicely with CMFO, AOB, AIB, CGA and YONG and I sold them years ago.

Mostly I have found that leaving the stock alone usually end up well if they are chosen right. Chinese small caps have been an exception by being a total disaster. But even then, leaving the stocks alone gave rather decent returns overall. Whatever I have at the moment, I plan to leave them alone and add only to those that are covered by other services or Nathan.

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