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Subject:  Re: To former GG members... Date:  4/27/2013  3:08 PM
Author:  Saarkhx Number:  121 of 132


I find interesting the exercize of summarizing my GG positions. It was easy because unlike Anurag, I have only 85 stocks. Here I go.

A) Sold.

This list includes only the positions I sold since 2012/07/01. The returns include commissions and income, and are not annualized. The main criterion for selling, in all cases, was the too-low (or even non-existent) dividend, except PRD which was forced (grrr, now I know why I don't like preferred stocks).

AIBYY, -98%
NBG, -84%
LYG, -55%
PRD, +174% (this was forced)
BAP, +142%
SBMRY, +158%
CCH, +13%
ADDYY, +37%
FMX, +144%
NVO, +220%
GSH, +13%
BAM, +0.02% (no kidding; I admit price anchoring here :-)
TTM, +232%
RDY, +21%
CLPHY, +14%
BAK, +158%

B) Added to.

This list includes only the positions I added to since 2012/07/01, along with the price I paid. I really mean "added" because I opened no new position on a GG stock since 2012/03/29 (CHEOY).

ITRN, 10.90$ (orange portfolio)
CEL, 6.06$, 8.86$ (speculation)
ARCO, 13.06$, 13.48$ (orange portfolio and I'm enticed by the growth prospects here)
TEVA, 36.85$ (mainly averaging down)
NTDOY, 13.38$ (speculation and orange portfolio)
GSK, 44.58$ (dividend, miam)

C) Holding.

The returns include commissions except on the share I still hold, plus all income (including writing of a few covered calls), calculated as of 2013/03/28.

SLT, -48% (managed to be worse than CGA!)
CGA, -46% (will sell when appropriate for cap loss harvesting)
PD, -42%
GDFZY, -36%
CEL, -30% (considering to sell)
CX, -19%
NTDOY, -14%
COS, -12%
ARCO, -10% (will add to it)
TEVA, -6% (considering to sell)
SCPZY, +1%
SKM, +3%
MIL, +15%
CHEOY, +16%
GSK, +17%
CHL, +18%
ITRN, +25%
PT, +26% (considering to sell)
CRESY, +32% (considering to sell)
MTNOY, +33%
RSI, +33%
TLK, +33%
UL, +40%
AMX, +42% (considering to sell)
SSL, +42%
NVS, +51%
FHCO, +57%
HDB, +64%
AFN, +70%
TSRYY, +75%
BLX, +80% (will add to it)
VET, +84%
PVD, +96%
AKO.A, +103%
PM, +103%
YUM, +106%
NTE, +115%
WMMVY, +115% (considering to sell)
BIP, +125%
OMAB, +217%


Another aspect of the discussion is what I've done after GG to compensate the loss of international coverage. As you've seen, I've kept (even added to) a few orange stocks. But mainly, I subscribed to Income Investor and opened positions on seven of their international recommendations (one more, and I'll have bought all their international recommendations which are not on hold). As a Canadian, I also own four Canadian stocks that most of you would consider international (Canadian tickers): CM (+54%), P (+127%), PWT (+64%), RY (+144%).

Happy investing,

long ... see above
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