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Subject:  Re: Tax Deferred Annuity right for me? Date:  4/28/2013  11:26 AM
Author:  PSUEngineer Number:  118533 of 127753

When you are getting taxed 33% Federal, plus state, SS and other misc taxes, that really good gross paycheck becomes a net mediocre motivator.

Congrats! That income rate puts you above $217K in income. When considering deductions and exemptions, you're probably make over $250K which likely puts you in the top 3% based on income.

And maybe that's because we've seen too many friends die behind their desks in their 40's. I guess we are lucky that money for money's sake, and all the trappings it can bring, were never all that important to us.

Sure, you have trappings. You have a 2nd home next to a river. How many average people have that? You'll also retire before social security age. Early retirement seems important to you so you'd have to say money is important to you.

Heck, we haven't raised our standard of living in 20+ years

I hear that all the time but what I think many people imply is that they didn't buy McMansions and luxury cars. But I would guess that your standard of living did change. I'm guessing over the 20+ years you may have bought cell phones, internet service, one or more computers or other stuff that is in the many average homes that was there 20+ years ago.

The rate of taxation is such that it acts as a deterrent to continuing to work.

Let's see. You have a riverside vacation home. You are retiring before the median income family ever hopes they could. If there was a time machine where you could go back to your 20s and take lower paying less stressful jobs, earn median family income, not have a vacation home and rental properties, and work until 67 for full SS, would you take that trip? Would you give up your early retirement and dream retirement home so that your kids would have qualified for college financial aid? I'm guessing no but you'll have to answer that. When I see someone say income taxes is a deterrent from continuing work, it is usually someone who is well-off financially and doesn't understand retiring in their 50s is a huge luxury. They're just disappointed that high taxes kept them from retiring in their 40s.

I'll just say what I said earlier - until there is a 100% tax, I have not been encouraged yet to be less productive.
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