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Subject:  Re: Maybe an childhood science fiction book ... Date:  4/30/2013  10:58 PM
Author:  Howie52 Number:  49212 of 116970

"... is a little less fiction.

Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint ( ) was one of the first books I remember reading for a book report. Maybe anti-gravity is a possibility.
How deep does the asymmetry between matter and antimatter go? Each type of particle (electrons, protons, etc.) have antimatter partners: positrons, antiprotons, and so forth. These antiparticles have an opposite electric charge (unless they're neutral), but otherwise behave much like their matter counterparts. But one interesting question remains unanswered: does antimatter possess antigravity, experiencing a repulsive force when matter experiences attraction? And, even if antimatter experiences plain old gravity, does it behave in exactly the same way as matter does?

I'm still waiting for my unmetered nuclear generated electricity, personal jet pack, and flying car that my Weekly Reader promised me.

PF "


Personally, I am waiting for someone to suggest the correlation to
duality and separation within the asymmetry between matter and

Life has a strong tendency toward the silly which on occasion
can be hastened.
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