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Subject:  The facts of life Date:  5/2/2013  1:17 PM
Author:  StockGoddess Number:  49294 of 116382

The Sarah Palin thread got me thinking.

I sat my teens down a few years ago and explained the facts of life to them. This is how I put it:

I said "You will need to make a living. Dad and I aren't rich enough to support you for your whole life. There are four basic ways to do this. One is to use your back - your physical strength. Construction work, factory work, drive a truck - like that. The second is to use your brains. Get a degree in something you like. The third is if you have some natural talent, such as music or acting or whatnot that you can do better than most and have a passion for. The fourth is sales ability - being able to connect with people and get them to vote for you or buy whatever it is you're selling.

That's about it. Decide which of these four is your strength, and go with it."

Sarah P is a natural salesman, as are all politicians. She just isn't intellectually qualified to be put in charge of much more than an ice cream stand. Her ardent defenders are not able to come up with proof of anything she's accomplished to dispute this and are even willing to bend history in her defense, which baffles me.

By the way, my kids decided on #2. They're going the college route. Which, to me, is easier than the other three....not easy, mind you, but in the long run easier than a sore back or wooing the fickle public.


"That's the fact, Jack!"
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